The guidelines “Best practices in working with adolescents” are now available in English and Russian

We are pleased to announce that at the request of our partners and colleagues from other countries AFEW-Ukraine has prepared a Russian and English translation of the guidelines “Best practices in working with adolescents”.

These guidelines were developed for people working with most-at-risk adolescents, in particular those who use psychoactive substances. The document describes the specifics of working with adolescents, contains practical recommendations on how to organize preventive interventions as well as description of tools and references to useful resources.

We remind you that the authors of the guidelines are Ірина Нерубаєва/Iryna Nerubaieva (Ukraine), Arseny Pavlovskiy (Latvia) and Anastasiya Shebardina (Ukraine).

The Ukrainian version of the guidelines was released on January 18, 2021 and is available at the link:


The English version of the guidelines can be downloaded at:

The Russian version of the guidelines can be downloaded at:

It is important to flag that these guidelines are the result of many years of fruitful cooperation with our partners and we are sincerely grateful to them for their hard work:  ОБФ “Повернення до життя”Громадське здоров’я, (Центр дружній до підлітків “Альтаїр”), Благотворительный Фонд “Благо” – Харьков – Kharkov Charitable Fund “Blago”Центр дневного пребывания “Компас” фонда “Благо”ЧБФ “Нова сім’я”ВБО «Конвіктус Україна»Way Home Foundation OdessaНаша ДопомогаБО “Харківський благодійний фонд “Парус”CO «Light of Hope»/БО «Світло надії».

The manual was translated into Russian and English within the framework of the project “Bridging the Gaps Flexible Fund: Young, Wild … and Free?” with financial support from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.