Men who have sex with men: HIV/STI prevention and support project

Project donor(s)
SIDA, European Union 2005-2007 EUR 300,000 NGO “Gay Aliance”, NGO “Noah’s Ark”


  • MSM in Kyiv and Kiev regions;
  • Local MSM-services NGO staff;
  • Medical service providers.


  • Establishing a local, community-based support system for MSM in Kyiv through capacity building for local MSM NGO;
  • Empowerment and education of  MSM in Kyiv on HIV/AIDS/STIs by organization of peer support groups, informational materials development and distribution, condoms distribution;
  • Facilitating a dialogue between local gatekeepers, NGOs and the government by organizing roundtable discussions on MSM issues.


  • 37 self-help groups were attended by 627 people  from the local MSM community;
  • A network of  MSM-friendly STI specialists in Kyiv were identified and included in referral network;
  • 44 000 of condoms and  11 840  lubricants distributed during outreach in the city of Kyiv.