Instituonalization of health promotion and HIV prevention in the educational system of Ukraine Department of correction

Project donor(s)
MATRA July 2006 – July 2010  EUR 595,614 Department of Corrections, Mainline Foundation

Project Target

  • Prison medical staff;
  • Prison psychologists;
  • Prison security staff;
  • Teaching/training staff of the Main Department of Corrections;
  • Female and male inmates.


  • In close collaboration with the specialists of Department of Corrections AFEW developed curricula for health promotion and HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, care and support in prisons for five target groups. The curricula is being used by the educational institutions of the Department of Corrections;
  • A National Resource and Training Centre has been established within the structure of the State Department of Corrections;
  • Teams of national and regional trainers within the Department of Corrections resource and training centre are equipped with knowledge and skills to continue independent training;
  • Five target groups in three colonies of selected regions of Ukraine were trained by AFEW and by national trainers of the Department of Corrections to provide a tangible and practical basis for curriculum development and piloting;
  • AFEW updated, published and distributed the curricula and additional training materials for prison staff and inmates.


  • A team of 25 national trainers was trained and approved by the Department of Corrections to conduct further training;
  • Four regional resource centres and one National resource and training centre equipped and functioning;
  • A total of 447 prison staff from all regions of Ukraine was trained;
  • Curriculum for all prison staff categories was developed, printed and distributed;
  • Developed curriculum introduced in the professional training system of penitentiary staff.