Clients of the Center “Compass” took part in the ULA Forum

Activists and leaders of the Center “Compass” (Kharkiv, Ukraine) took part in the Forum of the Ukrainian Leadership Academy (ULA) in Kharkiv “Responsible Leadership.” The one-day educational event brought together active youth and Ukrainian leaders in the field of volunteering, charity, non-formal education, politics and power, culture and art, business and media in one communication platform.

The purpose of the forum was to show examples of responsible leadership through the activities of young leading figures of Ukraine, to broaden participants’ horizons in various fields, as well as to develop ideas for the development of the schools, districts, cities, country.

The format of the event involved a general discussion on “Responsible Leadership” and on the following topics: Volunteering and Charity, Informal Education, Politics and Power, Culture and Art, Business, Media, during which leaders shared their personal experiences and practices.

The Center “Compass” provides services to adolescents within the framework of the project “Bridging the gaps: health and rights for key populations”, which is implemented with the financial support of Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.