AFEW-Ukraine released its 2020 Annual Report

International Charitable Foundation “AIDS Foundation East-West” (AFEW-Ukraine) is pleased to present the 2020 Annual Report.

“2020 has been a challenging, but very productive year for AFEW-Ukraine. Covid pandemic significantly affected the needs of our beneficiaries and demanded to adjust the methods of our work to new realities, stimulating creativity and quick response to changing conditions. At the onset of the epidemics, we had to quickly modify the budgets to equip our local partners with necessary protective means and introduce alternative ways of reaching our beneficiaries with services they need. Thanks to the quick response of our donors and partners, the work could be continued without delays.


In 2020 we completed the project “Bridging the Gaps: Health and Rights for Key Populations”, which lasted for 10 years. The project allowed to develop services and approaches for working with young people who use drugs in Ukraine, and improved access to high quality services for people who use drugs in Georgia. Now AFEW-Ukraine’s experience in developing youth-friendly services is in high demand, and we are currently sharing it with our colleagues from other countries.


In 2021 AFEW-Ukraine will mark its 20th anniversary. Despite certain challenges related to changing donor priorities and, therefore, cuts in funding sources, we feel optimistic and are committed to further develop our work for key populations in Ukraine and other countries in the region,” – said Olena Voskresenska, Executive Director of AFEW-Ukraine.

Annual Report AFEW-Ukraine (2020)

Річний звіт AFEW-Україна (2020)