AFEW-Ukraine launches a project aimed at advocating for gender equality and protecting the rights of HIV-positive women

ICF “AIDS Foundation East-West” (AFEW-Ukraine) launches the project “Women living with HIV as human rights advocates promoting gender equity in Ukraine” with the financial support of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, represented by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Kyiv. The project partners are the CF “Positive women” and “Positive Women of the World” (PWW).

The goal of the new project is creating an enabling environment for HIV-positive women rights protection in Kyiv and Cherkasy. For this purpose, organizing of self-support group for HIV-positive women in Cherkasy and strengthening the group “Kyianka+” (transl. as “Kyiv city woman”) in Kyiv are planned. Self-help group “Kyianka+” was created in 2014 as a result of collaboration between AFEW-Ukraine, CO “100 percent of life. Kyiv region” and PWW in order to support and empower HIV-positive women in Kyiv.

The dream that the successful experience of the self-support group “Kyianka+” will be implemented in other regions of Ukraine has come true. We are grateful to AFEW-Ukraine for the continuous support of the community of women living with HIV. Thanks to our joint work, women, project clients, will be able to receive a wide range of high-quality gender-sensitive services, and to become participants in the processes of protecting their rights”, says Vira Varyga, project coordinator, CF “Positive women”.

The following activities are planned for the project year:

  • Support of two initiative groups;
  • Trainings for female peer leaders;
  • Creating referral systems of service providers;
  • Working meetings with medical professionals, law enforcement agencies and decision makers;
  • Support and consultations: hotline, peer counseling, lawyer and psychologist consultations, online counseling and support via Facebook secret groups;
  • Master classes and joint leisure activities for women and their family members.